Aerial Yoga

  • What is it ?

    Aerial Yoga uses a hammock to help us let go, fly & achieve various poses that would not be accessible on the mat. 

  • Times & Place


    Tuesdays | 17:15 -18:15

    2nd Sunday/ Month

    10:00 - 11:o0 (Beginners)

    11:30 - 12:30 (Flow)  


    Wednesdays | 18:00-19:00

  • Equipment

    Bring your own Mat. I will provide the hammocks which are washed after each lesson,

  • Price

    Currently, aerial classes are between £15 -£18 due to very limited spaces.

  • FAQs

    To find the answer to all you questions, please check this handy document.

Which Aerial Class would suit me best?



    These weekly classes are designed for all levels (even complete beginners). Flow through various poses but will always encompass breathing, simple warm up movements, followed by lifting ourselves off the ground and a few inversions.



    Flow and explore the fundamentals of Aerial Yoga. Get comfortable and confident in floating & hanging upside down. A monthly class only. 



    A class for people who have a regular Yoga practice or background in another form of coordinated exercise.

    It is specifically designed to help you explore aerial yoga more in-depth. Find new asanas or add layers to the ones you know and love.



    A slow, grounding and restorative Aerial Yoga class for all levels.

    This class will be open to absolutely everybody. 

    A 75-minute class exploring restorative asanas and use the fabric to lift ourselves & release tension to induce better sleep and rest.


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