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Book an Aerial Class


Welcome to my Aerial Yoga booking page! 

Choose the day & Time that suits you best. Want to know more about the different options, have a look here

If you have not practice with me before, please make sure to fill-in this registration form to ensure I am aware of your needs and intention for your class. You can find this form when you book on or follow this link.


Single Class 


Class pass

 £65 / 5 classes

(to be taken within 2 months)

What to bring/wear?
  • Remove ALL jewellery 

  • Wear comfortable clothes that cover your arms/ elbows & knees 

  • Be Ready 5-10 min before the class

  • Bring your own Yoga Mat ​


Intro to Aerial - Never done aerial or yoga. I want to learn the basics and fly. 

Aerial Yoga for All - Suitable for any level. You have done yoga and want to skip the intro and want to fly & flow. 

Aerial Flow - This monthly class goes a little further into a continuous flow. More inversion, flips and flows. Ideal if you have done Aerial before (or a lot of yoga).

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