Beyond the Mat

Learn to integrate Yoga into your everyday. 

After this year, Yoga has proven to be a lifeline for so many of us (myself included) Yoga has many facets and brings so much more than physical postures (asanas). It is about connecting with yourself and others while building resilience. It May seem to be difficult to wake lately or to find the motivation to bring better change to your daily life. 

Beyond the mat is a monthly programme designed to get you out of bed and allowing you to start your day the right way. 

This includes : 

  • 3 x 30 min Morning Practices (Mon, Tues & Thurs)  

  • 1 x 60 min Saturday Morning Practice

  •  Pre-recorded Pranayama and/or meditation 

All sessions will be helps on a private Facebook Group to give you instant replay and the possibility of asking questions and giving requests. 

And.... you will also get 

  • Free Access to the monthly Workshop (Sunday PM) on Zoom. 

All for £35/ month per household.

That is 12.5 hours of Yoga and extras along the way. Get your family to join in. 

Yoga at Home

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