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The Journey to Yoga

My name is Veronique and I have been doing yoga since I can remember. My personal practice really picked up in 2011 when I was living in Australia. I was attracted to the physical practice of yoga first but soon found out that it is so much more. I completed my 200h/teaching training with Sun Power Yoga in London which is mix of Astanga (for the heat, flexibility and stamina), Sivananda (mind and breath work), Iyengar (anatomy and alignments) and Hatha for the theory, philosophy and classical Asanas.  My classes are often very dynamic but fluid. I also include time for relaxation and pranayama practice (breathing exercises).

Today, I still continue improving my practice and expanding my knowledge through different training. This year alone, I have completed my 85h training as a pregnancy (Prenatal / postnatal and baby mommy) yoga with Sally Parkes. I have also acquired a certificate in Aqua Yoga which is great for pregnancy, people with reduced mobility or anyone who enjoys swimming and exercising.  I hope to meet you all soon and share my passion!